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Changelog V1.1

Added new spots on Minimap.
Fixed Hellfire.
Server migrated to SQL database.
->Create account.
->Create character.
->Change password.
->Delete character.
->Save character's data.
->Save character's items (bag & wh).
->Create Guild.
->Disband Guild.
->Add Guild member.
->Ban Guild member.


Posted by YoKo
Tuesday 25th of May 2021 04:46:23 PM
Changelog V1.0

Weapon damages updated.
Added Wand MS.60 to the Contribution market.
Corrected PA on all 3 Classes Armors.
Trade Market: During the test every item will be free.
Lowered the attack speed, movement speed and damage of every NPC.
Added a Guild Menu in CTRL+G. Here you will find more information about your online guild members, as a GuildMaster you can manage your actions like ban a member or change rank.
New item: Attribute potion. This item will add an specific percentage to the attribute this potion refers. (Example: +3% PA or +9% MA).
Modified drops and probabilities of rare items.
Modified damages of weapons and magics, and dr of sets.
Fixed PA and MA of dropped sets.
Fixed hammer armor strip.
Fixed bow damages.
Added Coin-item to use in-game for trades/exchange.
Removed elemental Magic Abs. (Now it's only Magic Absorption).
Added a schedule for events.
Improved client performance.
Redisegned Launcher and fixed a bug that doesn't update the Launcher itself.
Fixed StormBringer and StunSB slash damage.
Added Reset Stat when performing a Change Class.
Added Weapons,Necklaces and Rings Archer.
Added HeroBow upgrade.
Re-added pits on minimap (still working on it).
Fixed hero effect on archer.
Reduced STR of Hero/Ghost Armor & Ghost Hauberk.
Fixed respawn on middleland and tower of hell.


Posted by YoKo
Wednesday 5th of May 2021 05:28:15 PM
Upcoming updates

From now, in the new updates, we will add here, to the news section, a changelog with all the additions, bug fixes and changes regarding the game server. stay tuned!


Posted by YoKo
Saturday 3rd of April 2021 12:24:21 AM
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